Daniel Keeling Makes His Debut at Teatro dell'Opera di Roma

New York baritone Daniel Keeling shared the exciting news that in September 2015, he will make his debut at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, singing Dewain in John Adams' I was looking at the ceiling and then I saw the sky. Teatro dell'Opera di Roma is a major venue, and a huge step for any opera singer.

In 2010, IFS made a grant to New York baritone Daniel Keeling, to help him with expenses related to attending/performing at La Musica Lirica Festival in Novafeltria, Italy.

Master Classes by David Roode

In 2013, grant recipient and trombonist David Roode returned to Memphis from London to hold a series of free master classes at Memphis area high schools and colleges. IFS assisted with a $2,000 grant. David, accompanied by his wife, pianist Mika Komuro, found the students to be especially curious about life outside the USA. David states that moving abroad was a life-changing experience for him, and he is passionate about sharing the benefits of international exchange.

Marie Hadji

Marie was a dear and close friend to Robyn Rothstein, a former member of Angel City Chorale, who initially introduced her to ACC back during the early days at McCabe's. Marie was also a close friend and benefactor to Christopher Tin and her organization funded a lot of his work. She was so excited about ACC performing Calling All Dawns that she, through Christopher, urged us to apply for a grant which was approved for our LA performance of Calling All Dawns. We were also recipients of a second grant. She was a very kind and generous person and always a loyal patron of ACC. She will be missed.
Frances James of the Angel City Chorale